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The Design Booth

Branding Magic With
Purpose, Passion, & Creativity

At The Design Booth, we’re creative chameleons transforming seamlessly into each business’s visual identity and needs.


We don't just create logos, websites, or business cards. We curate visual experiences that resonate and leave a lasting impression. One that’s unapologetically you. Design that will boldly take up space and stand out, even in the most crowded rooms.


If you’re looking for creative designers who don’t take themselves too seriously, are passionate about our local Hill Country community and whose mission is to make every project a delightful journey – then we’re so glad you’re here.

This is where our creative brains and passionate hearts come together to make your business feel like a real, tangible, & THRIVING brand.

Let the magic begin!

Recent Projects We've Been Loving

Website design by The Design Booth

Website design for Kelly Barker, FNP

Rack Card Design by The Design Booth
Logo Design by The Design Booth

Logo Design for Rising Arrows

Rack Card Design for Blow Your Mind

Meg Booth - Owner of The Design Booth

Meet The Designer, Meg Booth

Hey friends,

I’m the founder, the owner, the CEO…

AKA the gal who started all this to be your business’s new best friend.


From the beginning, I’ve always been a creative person. As a kid, I loved art, playing the piano and guitar, coloring, and crafting. But it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to do some graphic design projects at my previous job that I found myself wanting to eat, sleep and breathe all things design. And as cliché as it may sound, I’ve never wanted to do anything else since.

The Design Booth was born from a love of designing and my heart for people. My passion is building genuine relationships with small businesses, deep diving into their brands and creating unique and original visual identities. It’s what lights me up day-after-day and – astonishingly for someone with ADHD – it never gets old.

What our clients love  most

I love working with Meg! She has made my life so much easier. I gave her everything I wanted on my new site and she made it happen. I strongly recommend The Design Booth to anyone wanting to rebrand or starting up!

Marinda - bella luz

of The Design Booth



As a small business ourselves, we know all about the relentless hard work and drive that goes into growing a business from the ground up.


This is why we are passionate about supporting local Kerrville and surrounding area businesses. We work and play and raise our kids here. This is home – and we want it to thrive and be the best it can be.

Our community of clients and small businesses are at the core of everything we do. So if you’re looking for real humans with creative spark and a whole lot of love for entrepreneurship, we’re here for you. Let’s bring your visions and dreams to life.


We want to get on text-me-anytime, What do you think about this? kind of terms. We aren’t here to churn out a design and move on. We want to get to know you and become someone you trust enough to call a friend.


I celebrate your 'weird' because I think that makes us unique and relatable (and because I’m a bit weird myself). The design process should be fun. It should be collaborative. Where I listen to all your ideas and run with them. Or want something more traditional and clean? We got you there, too. 


This is your business, your brand, your story. We’re here to make it all come together (and have a screaming good time while we’re at it).


The truth is, that there are many DIY options out there for graphic design services. There are logos and website templates you can buy. But, it can be overwhelming and suck away valuable time and energy. It also makes your business REALLY hard to stand out. You deserve something you love down to every last detail. 

Custom, done-for-you design is a completely different experience. We dig deep to truly understand your core values and vision. From there we create a brand identity that will last and be completely, uniquely yours. What’s your purpose? Your why? Your spark? We ask all the right questions to create a visual experience that connects with your audience, customers and potential clients on a deeper level – in a way that makes them want to work with you and only you.


If you haven’t noticed by now, we could nerd out about brand identity, fonts, typography and all things design for dayssss. But beyond being OBSESSED with our craft, we’re also insanely passionate about you. About capturing the essence of your business and lighting it up from the inside out. That’s what we get fired up about.


Expect an experience from us that celebrates your business. Your achievements. Your big events. Your website launches. They aren’t just the best day ever to you; they’re the best day ever to us, too.

Time to introduce you to our nerdy side

At The Design Booth, we geek out about creativity, art and design all. the. time. One of those obsessions is our love for Pantone colors. In fact, we get so deep into the meaning behind every detail, that we’ve intentionally designed our logo and website to be the ultimate chameleon. Each year, we feature a pop of the Pantone Color of the Year on our website.

For 2024, we're cozying up to Peach Fuzz.

As creatives, we love to keep things fresh and fun – and this is just one of the ways we love to seep our passion into The Design Booth experience.


You can be sure we’ll put as much creative thought into every project we take on. We simply can’t help ourselves. 


Design is our bread and butter, so you’ll find us eating it all day, every day.

Sound like the design collaboration you’ve been hoping for?

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