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Meet the designers who make the magic happen with the best clients, allll the mood boards, and a lot of coffee.

The Design Booth Pattern Design

Hey, I'm Meg.

Owner & Lead Graphic/Web Designer

Creativity has always been an integral part of who I am. As a child, I was drawn to art, color, music and anything that allowed me to dive into my own self expression. During my teenage years, I experimented with cosmetology, makeup, and many other career paths. Even in motherhood, I found ways to DIY everything. (Shout out to my ever-supportive hubs). 

When it came to honing in on what I really wanted to do with my one, crazy beautiful life, Graphic Design came bursting onto the scene. With my last job, I was given opportunities to create graphics and design flyers – and I was hooked. Before I knew it, I was squeezing tutorials and free courses into every spare second I had. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The other half of me is a helper.

I want to help everyone. Despite being pretty socially awkward most of the time (does anyone REALLY  know how to make eye contact anymore?) I genuinely want to help everyone. 


That’s when I decided to put my love for design and helping others together to start The Design Booth. I love working with local businesses and entrepreneurs to create a brand from start to finish – one that not only looks really dang good but captures all their wildest wishes and dreams. 

Essentially, I have the best job ever. Even my kids love being my clients and ask me to design stuff for them all the time. It’s that contagious. And of course, I always say yes.

Meg Booth - Graphic Designer

Autism has a big part of my heart, too.

I have four incredible kiddos, and they + my husband are my world. So when my eldest daughter got a late diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder at 11 years old, it irrevocably reshaped our lives. For the longest time it felt strange talking about it. Do I say this out loud? Do people care?

But now all I want to do is shout:

I'm a proud autism mama!

This kid inspires me every moment of every day. She’s so strong, honest and insightful despite all the misdiagnosis, struggles and stigmas around girls with autism. Just because her autism doesn’t look like stereotypical autism, it doesn’t make her experience any less real.

It’s a stigma I’m very passionate about advocating against.

As a mom and a business owner, I want to empower other families with kids like my daughter to learn what autism is and to say it out loud. To never feel weird about it, but embrace every colorful shade of it. Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s any less beautiful.

She’s so creative – she’s even artsy-er than me: drawing boxes and boxes of pictures and landing speaking roles for performances at Playhouse 2000 in town. She’s such a cool kid and a light. We’re so grateful to have found the best community of people who support and advocate for us and her. We couldn’t do it without local nonprofits like the Behavior Resource Center who have truly changed our lives.

Being a mama, being an autism mama, is a BIG part of me and will always be something we care deeply about at The Design Booth.

While we're getting deep & personal

Here are some of my favorite quirks:

I’M A HOMEBODY with a heart for people & small businesses.

A PROUD MAMA to 4 kiddos, the eldest with high-functioning autism.

FIREWIFE: madly in love with my fireman.

BEACH LOVER who is obsessed with Ghostface everything.

My clients just get me...

From Yellow Lab Productions:

"Meg is amazing.

And she's good at graphic design, too"

The Design Booth Pattern

Hello, I'm Kali

Social Media Manager

I have always been creative, trying many different crafts and designs for friends and family! When I'm not working, you can find me racing at my local drag strip with my husband and two daughters! We live in Boise, Idaho, and love all the outdoor activities, from hiking, paddleboarding, snowboarding, and more!

I love connecting with my clients to understand their business needs better! Speaking with clients one-on-one helps me really grasp who they are and what their vision is. I enjoy analyzing the numbers and seeing what is and is not working and how we can pivot to perform better! I design all of the graphics for my clients and get to use the creativity that ignited this career path.

Kali - Social Media Manager

Here are some of my favorite quirks:

I’M MARRIED TO my high school sweetheart, and we drag race with our kids 6 months out of the year!

CITY EXPLORER who loves discovering new places and unique hidden gems.

A GOOFY GIRL at heart, but serious about small businesses and my clients.

The Design Booth Pattern

hi! I'm ashlyn

Graphic & Web Designer

I'm a graphic designer and work alongside Meg. I am known for my perfectionism, which really comes in handy in all areas of design. I'm naturally creative and have excelled in personalization for all my clients. I wear many hats, but my love for creativity and design will always be a big part of who I am!

When I'm not designing, I am also a full-time surgical tech. I am a wife, a mom to the coolest little boy, and the epitome of a cat lover. I love video games, gift-giving, and spending time with my family. I'm an "extroverted introvert" and love to clean and organize. I really pride myself in being a good friend and will give anyone the shirt off my back. When you work with me, it won't be long before we call each other friends. 

Ashlyn - Graphic Designer

Our Community is Our Everything

We believe our clients are a big part of our team and why we do what we do. These are some of the local businesses we have worked with, and we continue to add to the growing list. We love them so much and couldn’t do it without their support!

A Personal Touch Cleaning
Rosales Restorations
Texas Firefighter Games
Bottle Alley Theatre Company
Yellow Lab Productions
Dollface Beauty Bar
Vitality IV
Divines sports bar
blow your mind - a blow-dry bar
red line exterior cleaning
lone star containers
speedy bea'z
Rising Arrows
hello memories
Write by firelight
always learning tutoring
Reichenau construction

The Bubble Tea Factory
Integrity Towing

West Prong Frio Events
Kerr County Human Rights Project
Joe Cash Painting
Bella Luz

Kynlee Miller Photography
Gracie's tax & notary services
nu accents
Kerrville Massage & healing arts
Happy Hooves Family Pharmacy
Dawson heating and cooling
Rustic Lens Photography
ink & shears
gratia builders
hill country butler
Kelly Barker, FNP

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